MolPrime for Android and sharing on the web

The most recent version version of MolPrime for Android v1.0.3 adds the ability to share structures on the open web. The Android port of MolPrime was originally released as a technology proof of concept, a work in progress to show that the core functionality of chemical structure drawing has been successfully ported to the other popular mobile platform. Now with the ability to share structures, the free app now starts to take on the role of a useful workflow productivity tool. Continue reading

CINF webinar ‘Practical cheminformatics workflows with mobile apps’ now available

Check out the webinar now on YouTube. The talk consists of me doing a brief introduction to mobile chemistry apps, then going through a fictional, yet realistic, workflow example that involves searching for new tuberculosis drug candidates. The workflow includes a tour through several of the apps that I’ve created, or had a hand in creating. But enough spoilers, watch the video whenever you’re ready.