Recent developments with Bayesian models and app data sharing

bayes_recent1Several of the flagship apps from Molecular Materials Informatics have had major updates recently: the Mobile Molecular DataSheet, SAR Table, MolPrime+, Green Lab Notebook and Approved Drugs. Two separate groups of features have motivated these updates: (1) the inclusion of in-app calculation of nontrivial properties, lately supplemented by the inclusion of Bayesian models, and (2) leveraging the new iOS 8 API feature for importing & exporting data to any compatible service, which includes iCloud by default, but also Dropbox if it is installed. Continue reading

Dabbling with the desktop: molecular datasheet app on the mac

xmds_firstpreviewThis is a way-too-soon sneak preview of what might someday end up as a commercial product. Currently residing under the project acronym XMDS, it is related to the MMDS app, for Mac OS X (i.e. X-Molecular DataSheet). The minimum viable feature set is intended to be approximately equivalent to the datasheet & molecule editor that is implemented by the open source SketchEl project. Continue reading