American Chemical Society meeting: Spring 2017 San Francisco

ACS_BAEPoster_20170318I’m much looking forward to the impending meeting, which starts this weekend. For anyone who is going to be attending, I’ll be making an appearance in several preordained locations:

  • Sunday (2/Apr) 7-9pm: Poster in Division of Medicinal Chemistry, West Hall – Moscone Center: Bioassay protocols: Semantic annotation to enable informatics (see thumbnail)
  • Monday (3/Apr) 8:15am: Presentation in Division of Chemical Information, Metropolitan II – Park Central SF: Expanding the target dimension: How to visualize a lot of SAR
  • Friday (7/Apr) 10:15am: CDD special event, American Bookbinders Museum SF: Assay informatics with the BioAssay Express (BAE): when protocols are machine readable, good things happen

And as well, I will be found lurking around the Collaborative Drug Discovery booth (#1620) in the expo haul at key moments, particularly during the lunchtime rush.