Microsoft Word app and vector-drawn molecular graphics

msword_ipadLike a few hundred million other people, I was curious to see what the newly released Microsoft Word for iPad app was capable of. One feature in particular is of great interest to me: the rendering of DrawingML graphics. It does not go without saying by any means that the app will abide to its own (very complex) format specification, but I am pleased to report that it does.

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The Green Lab Notebook project: where it’s at

gln_snap20140324Last week I was at the American Chemical Society meeting in Dallas, which was incidently a particularly enjoyable gathering. I presented two talks, one of which described some of the latest developments of the Green Lab Notebook project (for slides, see slideshare and figshare). After having given a couple of talks about this as yet unfinished app, it’s time to start the run-down checklist for what goes into a minimum viable product.

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