BioAssay Express: finding assays (and doing stuff with them)

bae_find04The BioAssay Express project has been moving forward at a solid pace: several important new features have been added or improved for locating assays and inspecting them, with an eye toward performing some sophisticated analysis and model building. This is motivated by the fact that we have curated quite a few assays (~3,500) which is sufficient reason to start putting real effort into figuring out what we can actually do with this high quality professionally annotated data. Continue reading

Green Solvents app: complete facelift

greensolv_dev1Way back when, I threw together an app called Green Solvents, which got started anachronistically from a tweet by Sean Ekins (which I misinterpreted, but it got the conversation started, so all is well). Since mid-2011, the app hasn’t had much attention, but that has now changed: it has been rewritten and given a much more modern look. The overhauled version is live on the iTunes AppStore, and is free to anyone with an iThing. Continue reading