Minor side project: PDFBoxLite

My latest contribution to GitHub is PDFBoxLite, which represents a few hours work. Basically, all of my software efforts that involve creating chemical graphics are leaning toward pushing PDF as the format of choice for creating inline figures. Everyone knows PDF as the Portable Document Format – things you look at before sending to the printer. But what you may not know is that PDF files with just a single page, of arbitrary size, are a very well supported as a way to get pictures into a larger document (Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote, Excel, etc.). This is particularly true within the Apple ecosystem. Unlike SVG, correct rendering is essentially universal; and unlike WMF/EMF, it works on platforms other than Windows. And unlike PNG, it isn’t a trainwreck when you try to print/zoom/convert your document. Continue reading

Adventures with KNIME: pipeline wrapping

knimemmi1One of the items that has been on my to-do list for quite some time is to dig back into the KNIME universe, and interface it with the growing collection of cheminformatics algorithms that I have been assembling over the last few years. Given that my company’s software stack has its own workflow/pipelining infrastructure, but no user interface, it makes a certain amount of sense to look into connecting them together. Continue reading