Mapping drug target ontologies in BioAssay Express: a narrow use case for Excel

bae_excel_thumbThe BioAssay Express project captures a lot of public bioassay data using public ontologies, and quite often these ontologies overlap with each other: this happens particularly often with the target concept. We needed to map common terms between the Drug Target Ontology and Uniprot (via the Protein Ontology) with a mapping file. The amount of data involved was a little too much to do manually, but not quite enough to justify writing a custom script. Because it had to be done exactly once, the task was an ideal use case for Excel. Continue reading

New Molecular Materials Informatics website

MMIAs part of spring cleaning for the new decade of 2020, the website for Molecular Materials Informatics has been re-done. The original plan for the site in 2010 was to make it information rich, but a lot of it had gotten stale over the years: products appear, disappear and change. Now it’s more of a placeholder with links to projects that have their own sites wherever possible, e.g. documentation and open source projects are hosted on GitHub.

FAIR Data Hackathon / BioAssay Express

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but not for lack of activity in the world of sciencey-informatics. Next week I’ll be at the BioIT World FAIR Data Hackathon in Boston, along with several other members of the Research Informatics team of Collaborative Drug Discovery. Right now we’re tooling up a customised instance of the BioAssay Express (for which the most uptodate standard version can be found here) so that we can deploy several different proposed templates for evaluating whether a published article abides by FAIR principles. The plan is to evaluate as many articles as we can, and produce a scoresheet at the end of the day. I don’t know what the answer will be, and it will be interesting to find out!