2017: more with bioassay protocols, and the ACS meeting

acs2017sfIt’s been awhile since I wrote a post. Most of my work these last few months has been on the BioAssay Express project, which has been advancing forward on every front: technology, data, collaborations, commercialisation, and even a software patent. Continue reading


BioAssay Express: crowd curation now technically possible

bae_crowd1Until earlier this week, the public facing instance of the BioAssay Express was basically read only: we carried out our curation exercises by passing files around. As of now, though, it is possible to authenticate yourself using ORCID and submit your annotations. From that point your changes will be stored in a special holding bay until they are approved. This feature is enabled on the beta preview version. Continue reading

MolPress: collections of structures & data

molpress_collection1The previous post introduced the insertion of molecules into a WordPress document. Now the plugin goes one further: collections of data – either simple tables of structures, text & numbers, or higher order datasets like scaffold breakdowns – can now be inserted into a blogpost. As with molecular structures, the prevailing philosophy is to have the data encoded in machine readable format and dynamically converted into something visual at the time of presentation. Continue reading