Twitter now integrated into MolSync app

The MolSync app now passes along a new feature provided by iOS 5: sending tweets from inside the app, using the Twitter framework that is now part of the device operating system.

Earlier versions of MolSync provided a method for viewing public data by wrapping it up in a web page. This feature allows sharing of chemical data on a variety of social networking sites, but it is indirect, and the sharing is done from within the browser. The newest feature allows public data to be tweeted directly from within the app, simply by selecting a menu option, then keying in whatever text is to accompany the tweet.

For example, my Twitter feed has a couple of test examples, which can be located via #MolSync:!/search/%23MolSync

Clicking on one of the links opens up a hosted page which displays the chemical data. For example, click on aspirin to see how it works.

For a detailed description of how this all works, see the article on the Molecular Materials Informatics website.


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