Reaction101 and Yield101 update

Late last year my company, Molecular Materials Informatics, in conjunction with Eidogen-Sertanty, released a white paper [PDF] that describes the Reaction101 and Yield101 apps, with a particular emphasis on their use in a classroom environment. The document has been added to Slideshare as well, to encourage sharing.

When Reaction101 was released in early 2011, it caught the attention of Apple’s education division, who featured it on the iTunes AppStore, and subsequently followed it up with an entry in their monthly educational brochure. Needless to say we were very pleased indeed to have our app selected out of such a huge pool. In late 2011, Apple contacted us to request permission to use Reaction101 for their educational demonstration devices. Needless to say permission was forthcoming, and so if you are involved in education and happen to run across an Apple representative, be sure to ask them to give you a demo of Reaction101!

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