ODDT goes crowdfunding

The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) app was dreamed up earlier this year by Sean Ekins, and by March 2012, it was a minimum viable product with an app on the iTunes AppStore and a server doing its thing on the cloud. The purpose of the project is to aggregate chemistry data from public sources, and put it together under a set of topics. These topics are mainly related to efforts to find cures for rare and neglected diseases, and also for industry relevant precompetitive topics like green chemistry. The ODDT project is heavily focused on open data, and is an attempt to introduce crowd curation of data to open science.

While we are retaining ownership of the tools, which are based on proprietary chemistry app libraries and back-end cheminformatics tools from Molecular Materials Informatics, the front-end app is free to install and free to use. And we would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately cloud hosted servers are not free, and so far we have been paying the hosting cost out of pocket, as well as designing and building the software in our spare time. So now its time to ask people to pitch in, via the crowd-funding project on IndieGoGo. If you think propagating open science for good causes is an idea that ought to be encouraged, and approve of broadening the communities of people who are knowledgeable and potentially able to contribute to these kinds of topics, then please get involved. If you can donate to this project, that would be great. If you can tell people about it, that would also be great. If you’ve read this blog post, then surely you can tweet a link to it, or post it on your social network of choice! We would really appreciate it.

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