ODDT app adding a Sponsors tab

Version 0.9.7 of the Open Drug Discovery Teams app has been uploaded to the iTunes AppStore, and is awaiting review. The most noticeable difference in this version is that there is now a 4th tab, called Sponsors. This is a feature that is due to the completion of our IndieGoGo campaign, to which a handful of generous supporters expressed their encouragement. As of this version, we can associate sponsors with a topic simply by sending out a specially formatted tweet – a sponsorship acknowledgement is now a special kind of factoid.

Most of the changes for this version are internal, and affect the server. As well as the special factoid type for sponsorship, some performance glitches with Twitter-polling have been fixed up, so there should no longer be any problem at all with tweets not being properly collected up, as long as you use the app from time to time.

Despite the fact that our crowd-funding campaign is now completed, we are still far from achieving our goal of covering our costs for this project. If you are interested in supporting us, or you would like to add a new topic to the project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at oddt@molmatinf.com.

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