Presentations from ACS Philadelphia

The 2012 Autumn American Chemical Society meeting is now wrapped up, and I’m back in the office sorting through a prioritised to-do list. I presented two talks, both of which are now available on slideshare.

The first talk, entitled “Chemical structure diagrams, reactions and data: anytime, anywhere” was presented to the Chemical Education division, which hosted an all-day session in which educators described the ways in which they have been able to improve teaching of chemistry with the assistance of mobile devices. While I’m not a professional educator myself, I described a number of the capabilities of the MolPrime+ app in the context of learning chemistry by combining the ability to draw structures with appropriate software:

Chemical Education (CHED)

The second talk, entitled “Mobile chemistry apps participating in the open science revolution”, starts with an overview of ways to use apps for “content creation”, i.e. drawing structures and reactions, entering data, and creating documents with higher order markup using specialised user interfaces. It then describes ways to release this data onto the open internet, and introduces the Open Drug Discovery Teams project, which closes the loop and provides ways to bring open content from disparate sources onto the device:

Chemical Information (CINF)

All things considered, it was a fun ACS meeting, in part because the level of interest in using mobile devices and cloud services for cheminformatics clearly continues to increase. If you missed the meeting, or weren’t able to make it to either of my talks, by all means browse the slides, and let me know if you find anything interesting that could use some clarification.

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