SPRESImobile 2.0 now available: full reaction searching

The SPRESImobile app provides access to InfoChem‘s SPRESI database. It runs on Apple iOS devices (iPhones, iPods and iPads) and is free on the iTunes AppStore. The latest version extends the search capabilities to include searching by reaction: various types of exact, substructure and similarity searches can be performed. Furthermore, it is now possible for existing customers of SPRESI to provide their user credentials within the app, which unlocks the entirety of the database content, rather than the default curated ChemReact subset that is made available to all.

The SPRESImobile project is the result of a collaboration between InfoChem, Eidogen-Sertanty and Molecular Materials Informatics. The client app has been built by Molecular Materials Informatics, and makes use of the same core libraries that power a number of other apps.

Previous versions of SPRESImobile allowed searching for compounds (by name or structure), retrieving information about the compounds, and perusing reactions where a discovered compound is one of the reactants or products. The app makes available links to literature articles from which the source data is abstracted, making this one of the most effective ways to go directly from molecule-to-article. Now the latest version allows actual reactions to be drawn out and searched for, then the hits browsed:


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