Adding statistics to ODDT topics

topicstatsThe Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) app is undergoing surgery to add in longer term statistics logging for individual topics. The way things work presently is that new documents (“factoids”) are added to the corresponding topic headings, and if they get a positive endorsement, they stick around forever, unless they get voted back down. Documents with zero-or-less endorsements get flushed after a week, which means that the data collection loses all record of the entry.

The latest version records the number of new documents added to each topic per day, and coarse levels of summary information. These statistical aggregates are retained forever, which means that it is possible to track activity levels. The screenshot above shows an extra button in the bottom left corner that is shown on the first page when viewing a topic. Pressing it brings up a statistics box.

In this case, the #RealTimeChem topic is shown. Since the test server has only been recording activity for 1 day, we can see that 4 new documents were pulled in during the last day unit, and before that everything is zero, because either the topic did not exist, or the logging had not yet begun.

Give it a month/year, and these graphs will be more informative!

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