SAR Table app: significant roster of new features

Version 1.0.2 of the SAR Table app has just come out on the iOS AppStore. This is a significant upgrade, since it introduces a number of features that have been planned all along, but were left out of the 1.0 release, in order to get a minimum viable product in place.

One of the most noticeable differences is an expanded command bank for editing SAR tables:

Most of the new features are described in the introductory tutorial, which has been updated for the new version. A rough outline of the headline features that have been added since the original release:

  • Export as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and HTML + SVG documents
  • Localised depiction algorithm for producing higher quality constructed molecules
  • Duplicate-whole-row action
  • Select-all-same action, which can be used to edit multiple values simultaneously
  • Attachment handling, allowing email/web/files to be opened using the SAR Table app
  • Non-SAR documents, such as SDfiles or normal datasheets, can be imported, sans scaffold/substituents

Needless to say there are numerous refinements and bug fixes that go with it… and plenty more on the drawing board.

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