Super Friday app update, and a positive Apple experience

Most of the apps from Molecular Materials Informatics have been updated recently, due to the iPad3: the retina-class screen has half again as many pixels as a 1080p monitor (i.e. a lot), and the performance profiles of some graphics operations have changed. A few things that were fast became slow, and so a few tweaks were necessary. A whole lot of apps got reviewed and passed in quick succession: MolPrime+, MMDS, MolSync, ODDT and ChemSpider Mobile. Others will follow soon.

Other than the quantity, one little anecdote stands out: MolSync was initially rejected, on account of violating an AppStore guideline. The given reason seemed to be either incorrect, or the victim of a recent change in policy, since the app hadn’t started doing anything differently. After typing in a polite response, the app was approved a few minutes later. That kind of service is hard to beat.

Maybe I’m just living on borrowed time, but my interactions thus far with Apple have been uniformly positive. Maybe it’s from responding to the negative press that they were getting several years back, or maybe they had always been nice most of the time, but I have yet to find anything to complain about.

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