Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) graphics from mobile or web

The remote procedure calls provided by molsync.com now allow the creation of publication quality graphics in a number of formats. The list has been extended to include Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), which can be generated using the web interface, or from the next version of the Mobile Molecular DataSheet (currently awaiting review).

EPS is a vector graphics format that has been a mainstay of the publishing industry for a long time, but it has never been well supported by the dominant software, i.e. Microsoft Office. Adoption of the format has been severely compromised by the ability to include a low resolution bitmapped preview of the vector graphic drawing. This made sense at the time for technical reasons, but it means that many graphics packages simply display the preview from the graphic, rather than actually rendering it properly. When printing to a PostScript printer, everything is fine, since the graphic can be passed along in its native format, but to any other kind of printer, or alternate format, the lack of a proper renderer means that the output just uses the preview bitmap. Long story short, if you use a .eps file in your document, chances are it will come out the other end looking like garbage.

Not so – however – of Apple’s line of products, such as Keynote. These render EPS files in their true glory, providing print-quality, regardless of device. Graphics can be resized to any resolution, and still render perfectly. Output options, such as PDF, do not suffer in the slighest.

The vector graphics exporting features offered by Molecular Materials Informatics now provide strong coverage for all the platforms: for Windows, export as Microsoft Word or Excel documents (.docx, .xlsx); for Mac, export as Encapsulated PostScript (.eps); for open ecosystems, such as most Linux software, use Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg).

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