MolSync v1.2 adds iCloud support

MolSync v1.2 has just been submitted to the AppStore, and with any luck will pass through the review process in a week or so. The new version adds another repository type: iCloud. In prior versions, the app supported only Dropbox, but has always been intended to support a variety of services.

Integration with iCloud within a mobile app is seemless. If you have enabled iCloud support in the setup of your iOS device, it will be available immediately, without any fuss. The MolSync app defines its own document storage area, within which you can upload and download files. This document storage area is automagically synchronised with Apple’s cloud hosting, and is updated between all of the devices that make use of it.

MolSync implements it as an ordinary directory, which behaves analogously to the Dropbox repositories. The directory can be browsed with a file manager style interface, and the files can be viewed, manipulated and synchronised with MMDS.

At the current time, iCloud is primarily used for keeping files synchronised between devices, which is helpful if you own more than one device, or anytime you upgrade to a new one. Options for accessing files from the desktop (e.g. web or from a Mac) are quite limited – we don’t quite know where exactly Apple is going with this one, so it’s not necessarily a replacement for the functionality of Dropbox. But it’s nice to have both.

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