UI tweaks: corner tabs and general configuration settings

The editor panels for the MMDS app (structures, reactions and datasheets) have been augmented to include new buttons along the top corners, which can be used to close the editor. These are analogous to buttons in the main bank for close and save and close without saving. This addresses a minor but persistent inconvenience: previously, the main command bank had to be open in order to exit from any of the editor panels.

Another improvement is the addition of configuration settings within the standard housing for iOS apps. MMDS has its own configuration dialog within the app itself, but most iOS users are accustomed to using the system app called Settings to configure their apps. Some of the most common settings, such as Expert Mode, are now mirrored to the general settings editor, i.e. they can be updated within the general settings mechanism, or they can be specified within MMDS itself.

These improvements will come through for MMDS 1.3.13, which has been submitted to the AppStore. The rest of the apps will follow suit as they are updated.

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