Printing the matrix view from SAR Table

sartable_pdfIn an upcoming version of the SAR Table app, it will be possible to export the matrix view, as shown on the device, as a printable PDF file. The document can be printed directly from your iThing, or sent as an email attachment.

Matrix views can get quite big, as the rows vs. columns blow up with increased degrees os freedom. This being the case, the printable content is split up into multiple pages. The scaling is tweaked to try to avoid wasting a lot of extra pages with little bits left over (which is one of the most annoying things about trying to print out a spreadsheet). The sizing is also done consistently, and the pages are numbered with x and y, so anyone who is into arts’n’crafts can print out the whole matrix, guillotine off the edges, and pin the big SAR-map up on the wall. Since walls tends to be somewhat larger than iPads, there is a clear value proposition.

As with the onscreen view, cells that represent activities with ranges, or multiple activities, are smeared into a warped rainbow pattern, which provides a visual clue about the distribution of the activities. The appearance is equivalent to what is shown on the device, though the way it is rendered is slightly different, in order to make sure the all-vector properties of the resulting PDF file translate perfectly.

Calculated properties will also be displayed, both for existing compounds with unknown activity, and for postulated values for hypothetical cells.

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