MolPrime (iOS) due for an overhaul

molprime_changelogoThe MolPrime app is one of the first free apps from Molecular Materials Informatics. It was designed as a minimalist showcase for the powerful touch-based sketching technology of its older sibling, the Mobile Molecular DataSheet. It was put together in short order and, by the standards of the rest of the app suite, is a bit of an ugly duckling. Given that it has become quite popular, second only to ChemSpider Mobile in download count, it’s time revisit the aesthetic.

After MolPrime had been available for awhile, the upgraded MolPrime Plus app was designed and built, which offered a nicer design and while it has a similar core feature set, the $1 upgrade unlocks some quite powerful features, including a variety of property predictions, structure annotation, database searching, social sharing, and rendering capabilities. More recently, the Android version of MolPrime came out, which combines the aesthetic of the iOS MolPrime+ with the features of MolPrime.

So anyone who uses MolPrime for iOS, or will download it in the near future, should expect the interface to look more like MolPrime+, starting with the icon. The banner advertisements will be removed and replaced with something much more discrete and unobtrusive. You’ll still have to spend a dollar if you want the really cool stuff, though.

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