Improved copying of molecule images to clipboard

copyimageThis one has been on the to-do list for a long time, but for some reason never quite bubbled up to the top. Various apps, including the Mobile Molecular DataSheet, allow images of structures (or reactions) to be transferred onto the iOS clipboard, and from there pasted into other apps, like Keynote or Pages.

The original feature skimped on the user interface by just using the current default rendering settings, so it was possible to use black’n’white or colour depending on the purpose. Now, the various entrypoints to copying a molecule onto the clipboard as an image are preceded by a configuration dialog, which is shown above. This allows a choice of 5 schemes, and three resolutions.

The next version of MMDS (1.4.2) has been submitted to the AppStore, and will make this improvement available as soon as it goes through review. Other apps will follow in due course.

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