ACS redux

The American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans (April 2013) is now all wrapped up – at least for me anyway, there may be some last vestiges of action still going on. It was a fun meeting, and even though I spent the entire time either talking shop or sleeping, the choice of city didn’t hurt. I managed to experience a number of the highlights while prowling around with gangs on fellow chemists.

My two presentations are now available online:

  • COMP division: Mobile + Cloud: A replacement for desktop cheminformatics? (slideshare, figshare)
  • CINF division: Pistoia Alliance AppStore: Apps for life sciences R&D (slideshare, figshare)

Also, I was thrilled to see the C&E Picks video feed include a large segment of the footage that I provided, which shows the SAR Table app in action, and the SPRESImobile app is in there too. Mobile apps for chemistry are making their way further up the food-chain!

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