MMDS with a news cycle feed (and how to turn it off)

newscycle00The latest version of the Mobile Molecular DataSheet (for iOS: see AppStore) has a news ticker feature, which shows a rotating series of facts and links that are displayed along the bottom of the screen. The items include mentions of other related apps, as well as news from Molecular Materials Informatics, and articles from this blog. The functionality is the same as what originally appeared in the free MolPrime app.

The contents of each item are, by default, represented by a small icon at the bottom right of the screen. Tapping the icon toggles the expanded display and also pauses the rotation:


Tapping on the text area brings up a more detailed view, in some cases, by presenting an inline web browser preview, with a button at the bottom to leap straight to the AppStore:


Now, perhaps the most important part: if you use MMDS regularly to get real work done, and you’ve already checked out all the rest of the apps, you already follow this blog, etc., then you may find the news cycle button unnecessary and annoying. Luckily it is easy to switch off, from within the Configuration Settings app:


Toggle off the News Cycle Viewbar, and next the MMDS loads itself from scratch, it will not bother you again. (If it isn’t gone right away, try terminating the app, then relaunching it.)

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