New items on AppStore: XMDS and MedChem Toolkit

newappsIn the last couple of weeks, two new items appeared on the iTunes AppStore under the Molecular Materials Informatics account: the Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit and XMDS.

The Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit is a textbook-support app that was originally published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and featured some fun extra plugins from my suite for sketching and calculating physical properties, such as visually rendering Astra-Zeneca filters. The app is now residing on my page so it can be updated a bit more effectively.

XMDS (short for OS X Molecular DataSheet) is a desktop structure/reaction/data entry and visualisation tool for the macOS desktop that has been in long beta for quite some time now. Since it has been used on a number of internal projects for a reasonable length of time, and the rate of bug discovery has slowed down, I figured it might be a good idea to finally have an official release. So the beta is now closed; if you’re interested in being able to edit collections of structure-related content using a Mac, the AppStore is now the place to go.

4 thoughts on “New items on AppStore: XMDS and MedChem Toolkit

  1. Ok, never mind. I was referring to XMDS but apparently the fault was on my side – after classic reinstall it works fine. Thanks!

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