Copying images of structures with MolPrime

molprime_copyimageStarting with MolPrime for iOS, the copy image to clipboard feature is being enhanced so that it can also copy structure images to the system photo roll, i.e. the same place where newly snapped photographs are stored.

Given how easy it is to implement, it probably should’ve made its way into the feature set some time ago. Copying an image to the clipboard is useful for immediate consumption, but the photo album allows a number of images to be stashed persistently for later use, which also has a valid use case.

The MolPrime app, recently revamped, temporarily lost its direct feature for copying images onto the clipboard. In the meanwhile, the copy image setup method was improved so that the image can be configured according to scheme and resolution. Once the next version of the free MolPrime app 1.2.2 is approved for the iTunes AppStore, you will be able to open the page context menu, select the little pixelated space invader icon (see above), and create bitmaps to your heart’s content.

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