Gordon conference on scientific visualisation in education

grc2013cutLast week it was my privilege to present a talk at the 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Visualisation in Science and Education. The picture on the right is dissected from the group photo: unfortunately I’m not allowed to post the whole thing, so you’ll have to take my word that there are about a hundred other people standing in rows.

My presentation described the use of mobile apps + chemical structures, with an emphasis on education: particular details about the need for a high quality sketcher, relevant features of MolPrime+, an overview of Reaction101 and Yield101, a bit about SAR Table and a live demo of Living Molecules. While I’m not supposed to disclose the slides, I can point out that the content has some overlap with my recent ACS presentations (CHED, COMP, CINF).

This was my first Gordon conference, and I can confirm that the format is great: being walled off in a monastic environment with only other scientists to talk to for 5 days, with communal meals, long presentations, active discussions, poster sessions with a steady supply of alcohol, and an afternoon nap in the middle of each day… at the end, I felt like it was all over way too soon, and I could’ve stayed for another week!

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