Latest app: ChemSpider Mobile

This blog has been a bit quiet recently, as might be expected for the sweltering summer months of the northern hemisphere, but rest assured that the secret laboratory of Molecular Materials Informatics has been running at full capacity, with a number of new projects on the way.

Working closely with the ChemSpider team (in particular, Antony Williams and Valery Tkachenko), we are proud to announce that ChemSpider now has a custom-built mobile app, which runs on all the iOS touchscreen devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad). ChemSpider Mobile has been submitted to the Apple iTunes AppStore, which means that it is not actually available yet, but with any luck it will pass through the review process within a week or so. With a lot of luck, it might even be ready in time for the ACS meeting in Denver (August 2011).

There is a precursory overview of the app on the SciMobileApps wiki site. The app is free, just like the ChemSpider website. The design of the app is very simple and easy to navigate. It allows the ChemSpider database to be searched by structure or by name. It’s not a power-user tool like MMDS, rather it’s designed to get users up and running as quickly as possible.

The structure-editing capabilities are provided by the embedded MMDSLib library:

ChemSpider Mobile joins a growing collection of apps which are derived from, or incorporate, core technology originally built for the Mobile Molecular DataSheet app, such as: Reaction101, Yield101, MolPrime, Green Solvents, Mobile Reagents and iProtein.

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