Yield101 now includes solvent density

The Yield101 app introduced a list of solvents several releases back, which allows browsing of solvents and convenient addition as a reactant, with just a double-tap. Version 1.0.5, which has recently been released on the AppStore, includes density values for each of these solvents.

Consider the following Wittig reaction:

The reaction is done in toluene. To find the solvent, select the Solvent tab:

Select the solvent to use, and it will be added to the yield scheme as a reactant, with stoichiometry of zero:

In the snapshot above, the toluene “reactant” has been assigned a density of 0.865 g/mL, which is automatically transferred from the solvent list. The volume of 80 mL was manually transcribed from the synthetic procedure. Note that because both volume and density are available, the mass is automatically calculated. This means that the Process Mass Intensity, which typically includes organic solvents, can be calculated for the reaction.


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