Creating Microsoft Office documents from within apps

As mentioned in an earlier post, updates for apps from Molecular Materials Informatics with Microsoft Office export capabilities are starting to pass through the AppStore.

MMDS, MolSync and SAR Table

So far, current versions of the Mobile Molecular DataSheet (MMDS) and SAR Table apps are shipping with export capabilities for Microsoft Word. MolSync will follow shortly, with both Word and Excel support, then the other two apps will catch up by adding Excel support as well.

These document-creation capabilities are provided by way of remote procedure call to the server. The two file formats currently available are the .docx and .xlsx dialects of Office Open XML, which is the default file format that has been in use since the last few major revisions of Microsoft Office. Chemical structures are embedded within these documents as vector diagrams, which means that they look great onscreen, at any level of zooming, and don’t lose any quality at all when being printed, converted into a PDF file, pasted into another Office document, etc.

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